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 John Everett Millais was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brootherhood. Millais was born in Southampton in England in 1829. At the age of eleven won a place at the  Royal Academy schools where he met Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Hunt with whom he formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brootherhood in 1848.

  His painting Christ in the house of his parents became controversial due to the fact that showed the Holy Family under a realistic eye as a working class family. Other works of his also became controversial, but his major success came with his painting A Huguenot showing a young couple ready to seperate because of religious conflicts.

                                                                       A Huguenot

  All these works were created with great detail concetrating on beauty and on natural world. With his painting Ophelia Millais created dense and elaborate pictorial surfaces based on the integration of naturalistic elements. This approach has been described as ''pictorial eco-system''.

                                                                   Ophelia (detail)

  The style was promoted by critic John Ruskin who had defended the Pre-Raphaelites against their critics and this friendship introduced Millais to his wife, who posed for the artist as a model for his painting the Order of release. Afterwards they fell in love and Effie filed for an annulment of her marriage with Ruskin and finally married Millais in 1856. They had eight children, amongst them John Guille Millais, a naturalist and wildlife artist.
  After his marriage Millais was painting in a broader style, which caused controversies and dislikes about his work by his critics, although his admirers pointed his connection with Whistler, Albert Moore and John Singer Sargent. Millais argued for himself that as he was growing as an artist, he would paint with greater boldness. In paintings such as The Eve of St. Agnes ant the Somnabulist revealed a dialogue with Whistler whose work Millais strongly supported. Other paintings of late 1850s and 1860s can be interpreted as aspects of the

                                                                   The Eve of St.Agnes

  His works on 1870s showed Millais's likeness about old masters such as Joshua Reynolds and Velazquez. Many of these paintings had historical themes. Notable were The two princes Edward and Richard in the Tower, the Northwest Passage and the Boyhood of Raleigh. These paintings depicted Britain's history and expanding empire. Millais also achieved big success with Bubbles for being used for advertising of soaps and Cherry Pipe. His last project was to be the  The Last Trek.

                                                             The Boyhood of Raleigh
                                                               The Northwest Passage

  Millais also had fascination about landscapes with difficult and dangerous terrain. The first of these was Chill October which was painted in Perth. Chill October was the first of the large Scottish landscapes Millais painted throughout his career. Other landscapes were Autumn Leaves and the Vale of Rest. In 1870 Millais returned to full landscape pictures and over the next twenty years painted a number of scenes of Perthshire.

                                                                  drew drenched furze              

  Millais was also a successful book illustrator, notably for the works of Anthony Trollope and Tennyson poems. He also provided illustrations for magazines such as Good Words.
  He was elected as an associate member of The Royal Academy of Arts in 1853 and was soon elected as a full member of the Academy. In 1885 he was granted a baronetcy . After the death of Frederic Leighton in 1896, Millais was elected President of the Academy but he died later in the same year  from throat cancer and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral.

the nest    and   the bridesmaid                

                                                                         Joan of Arc

                                                                  Lorenzo and Isabella                                       


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